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56:41United Drop Sancho Interest! Man Utd News
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  • thumbnail saying we won.. yikes

  • is that your sunday dinner gettting started mark

  • Usually agree with Mark but you can't say we would not be in Europe final if Dean had played we might have won 2 -0 we will never know !!!!

  • Mark, u sleeping with de gea?

  • Why were fucked without degea

  • decrease price for sancho and offer diallo loan at bvb?

  • I personally think it is time for de gea to go because this is probably the most we are going to be able to sell him for and Henderson is good enough, we need these funds for the summer

  • DDG wants to go home to Spain all the talk of Ole pushing him out is pure bullshit.

  • On martial I think he is done at utd. I don’t want him to stay as it will not give Greenwood the chances he wants and deserves

  • De Gea has stated a few times that he wants to go back to Spain when his first child is born and well, his first child has been born. I love DeGea and agree that he's one of the best keepers in the world but if he wants to go home for family, then all the beat to him. I think it's him asking for the move. I don't think it has anything to do with replacing him.

  • What a foolish and perverse decision! De Gea is far superior to Henderson. He must stay!

  • Imagine what the team could look like next season Keeper Henderson Defence Bissaka Lindelof Maguire Shaw Midfield Pogba Rice Attacking midfielder Bruno Wide players Sancho Rashford Forward Kane Formation 4-2-3-1 Subs Johnstone Telles Bailly Fred Mctominay van de beek Cavani I imagine subs could return to seven listed as normal after covid.

  • We should be strengthening our forward line not prioritising our defence. Second in the league least amount of losses and conceded less goals than majority of the league with Chelsea and man city fairing better. Keeping cavani for another season is looking on and if the club looks likely to make a move for kane £100 Million that spells the end of the inconsistent martial who we should look to get £50 Million quid for. £80 Million signing of Sancho and £50 Million rice is also what we need to get our team the chance of challenging for the title. Selling DeGea for £40-50 Million lingard for £25 Million Andreas £15 Million dalot £12-15 Million Matic £2 Million tuanzebe £10 Million chong £8 Million Jones lucky to get a million for him lol. Release Mata Romero Joel Pereira Grant bring in Sam Johnstone for £15 Million. Maybe bring pau Torres £40 Million only if possible

  • I take raphinha at manutd. Didn't leeds wanted daniel james. Raphinha to manutd & james to leeds. Let's make this deal happen

  • Da gea, pogba, fernandes, Shaw and cavani have all been are players of the season. The rest of the team in my eyes have underachived. So loaning out our goalkeeper is just crazy! If anyone should go its henderson.

    • @Mohammad Ali maybe them two yes so add them to the others thats 7 decent players in our first team, obviously we do have good younger players but they don't get used that often unfortunately. Just hope we have a decent clear out of players and bring some new ones in.

    • Rashford has been very good for us this season and has had his best season so far. He can definitely improve and get better but still I wouldn’t say he’s underachieved. What about Greenwood as well? His overall game has stepped up massively from last season and his decision making has been a lot better and he’s only 19!!!

  • Sick of all this politics .. can’t remember the last time anyone talked about football!

  • I wish we sign Varane so that this myth that all that's wrong with Maguire is his partner will be laid to rest when he continues to be bang average next to a world beater

  • You ask any football manager in the world, who would you have De Gea or Henderson in your team, I bet you they would all say De Gea, De Gea is a Man Utd legend he is still one of the best goalkeepers in the world, if De Gea does leave it be a big mistake and a sad day for Man Utd.

  • Transfer list de gea ???😆😆 stupid

  • Both those keepers are not the answer we need a footballing keeper

  • Ef troopz

  • Degea is the best shot stopper in world football it will be criminal if we let him go

  • De Gea is the best goalkeeper Utd have.

  • Ole sold Lukaku and that was a mistake, now he wants to do the same with De Gea...what is Ole's problem..and it is interesting to see how Goldbridge do this passive aggressive jibes towards Ole by trying to be supportive of him and trying to keep positivity going..respect!

    • @Mohammad Ali lukaku was told that Martial will be the main striker so he went where he was wanted as first choice and that was Ole's mistake..

    • @Mohammad Ali Lukaku wanted to go because of the way the club and fans and management treated him. He made him the centre of blame for a terrible Man utd team. Next in line will be Maguire who will be the focus of the attacks. philosophy

    • Lukaku wanted to go, ole let him

  • Leicester look like they are going to sign chucaweze from Villareal 😔

  • If a player our board thought was worth paying £375k a week to is lacking in an area of his game such as commanding his box by being more vocal or coming out for crosses then the big question for me is what is our manager and GK coaches doing to improve him ? Is that not what they are paid for ?

  • De gea isn't that good anymore, if he had put in Roma's performance consistently, do you think he would've been dropped?

    • what has Henderson done to bench de gea tho? shout and a catch a few crosses?

  • this and still go buy the shirts, tickets and follow the club on the social media. Unbelievable


  • Rodgers will have signed off on wanting Soumare and will get the best out of him. Unlike what Ole has done with Van De Beek and Telles. Abysmal ruination of quality players.

    • Ole does not understand midfield hence why the current midfield cannot actually pass the ball forward and bring immense pressure onto the team. Ole is insisting on playing Donny up front and Telles as an actual winger. Ole has done good in getting Utd to field a team but he will never get Utd to the next level.

  • If the Oblak swap can be done it is a win win for all parties. De Gea might take a pay cut to go back to Atletico where he can still fight for titles for a few years, live in a nicer climate and be with his family. We then have the same problem with Oblak v Hendo ????

    • So where are Utd going to get a goalkeeper as good as De Gea?

  • Imagine if we had "Two Cavanis'😂😂

  • Mark talking about being old to use the nose n ear trimmer, while me an Arab teenager already hairy af

  • Mark you should name the players who are trying to get David out. What have they won individually or as part of a team. De Gea has a premier league title and 4 player of the years under his belt. The Maguires etc have achieved zero apart from having an over inflated price tag ten times their worth.

    • Maguire has made the current Utd defence one of the best in the EPL if he had a partner it would even be better. Only city and Liverpool have been better.

  • We have had Romero training with zero game time on £80k a week for the past year as well. Absolutely lunacy

    • De Gea is the best goalkeeper Utd can have unless they want to go and break the bank and buy something special. De Gea is far better than any of the other goalkeepers in the EPL. Goalkeeper make mistake all the time even the really good keepers.

  • ผีคืนชีพแน่ น้าชาร์มาปลูกผี

  • Whoever said shin guards, it's shin pads. And it's football not soccer while we are at it 🤦‍♂️

  • Take out all sentiment DDG hasnt been good enough for two and a half years, yes he was class Thursday night but those performances are becoming rare and mistakes are becoming more frequent.

    • What are the frequent mistakes this season?

  • Our goalkeeper is not the problem, its the slow centre-backs.., Maguire is too slow to react, and lindelof is slow and bad in the air.., no wonder corners and set pieces is a nightmare for man utd goalkeeper, we need a fast centre-back and a CDM

  • did you see de gea in his first season at united, before talking out of your backside go watch the videos

  • prioritise the commercial end with the sporting side a distant second.

  • why do you need a light ?

  • It all stems back to the Sanchez deal. We gave De Gea the contract because Sanchez was on £450k+. Also, De Gea was a captain before Maguire came in, so we had to give him a contract that matched his 'value' to the squad comparatively speaking

  • I think sell Dean Hendson for 40m - 50m to add that to the budget De Gea is world class and is a proven winner. If Dea Gea wants to return to Spain then we should let him leave a push for a swap deal for Oblak.

    • @srcalex I love de gea, but I also like Henderson. I don’t really care what ole does and who he sells cause they’re both class. Obviously de gea is better currently but selling de gea could free up funds to bring in more players which we desperately need. I’d happily sell de gea and keep Henderson if it mean we could bring rice, sancho and varane in

    • @Digested Fish You can't say Dean Hendson is from corners he flaps about and drop the ball like the other game from corners he's young and still could inprove but when u have a world keeper who is just starting to reach his peak years and is a proven winner why would you replace him with a younger GK who still needs to inprove his game in some areas and lacks the experience to be 1st team GK for Man U i think either sell Hendson with a buy back option so if he gets better they could bring him back.

    • Henderson does other stuff better than de gea though. De gea is obviously the beater shot stopper, but Henderson organises the defence better, he’s better at communicating, he has better distribution and he’s better on corners. It depends on how ole thinks we’re going to play, if we’re going to park the bus and he expects us to face a lot of shots then de gea is better. If we’re going to be more aggressive and attacking then Henderson would be better

  • To pay De Gea 400k a week and seeing United fans still wanting him stay, absolute joke

    • @kevin curry 190k a week, which is half DE GEA and he is a CB, which is more important that a GK also, who come close to maguire? no one

    • how much are we paying maguire ?

  • Yes, we should have sold Rooney at 27. At that age he was the equivalent of a thirty three year old, a newish car with too much mileage. He was virtually finished at that age because he didn’t take care of himself through his career in the way Ronaldo did.

  • Has anyone thought that de gea may have come to an agreement to be allowed to leave so he can be with his family in Spain????

  • Does anyone know who the new director of football is?

  • There’s a simple reason Man Utd will let David De Gea go and that is to free up wages for a big signing!

    • but who would want to buy him.... it's next to impossible to sell him

  • A manager SHOULD be allowed to make decisions you’re right, but when you know you’re manager makes bad team decisions because he’s weak, you know you’re gonna regret most of those decisions

    • The Utd Mid field of Fred and Mctominay are dreadful at passing the ball.

  • mata need to leave and grealish and sancho can win us the league

  • Missing the point completely. Selling De Gea is purely about the wage structure. Pogba wants to become the highest based player at United and United don't want to pay £400k p/week. With De Gea gone the next highest wage is £250k per week. Easy to offer £300k per week to Pogba then to keep him. Simple maths. Don't say I agree but that's clearly the strategy. 1million subs and that isn't even discussed....

  • Do not forget Leicester have the cup next weekend

  • It’s not 51% Mark. It’s 50% + 1 share

  • T la meilleur, on t adore ???

  • Absolutely Disgusting how this incredible man DeGea is now being treated. This will come back to haunt them .

    • ole and his brexiteer english coaches are doing more damage to the club than moyes , jose and van gaal combined

  • Does anyone think the glazers can turn the fans around by being good owners??

    • only man city have spent more than the glaziers in the last 5 seasons , difference is they have spent it well

  • 40-50million pound? And that’s not cheap?!

  • Even if we have to pay DDG 450k per week, we pay 450k per week. We simply don't realise how crucial DDG is to us at the moment. We're about to axe both our feet with one strike!

  • De Gea one of the best in the world 🤣🤣🤣

  • Without de gea we can say goodbye to a Premier League title

  • Centre backs. Pallister was the DOGS BOLLOCKS!

  • Grealish is one of the most fouled players in the Premier league, there's no wonder his shins will be buggered.

  • Trespassing and assault is wrong. End off!

  • We have to beat them!!!

  • Don’t stop the fight. You must start attacking your biggest sponsors!

  • Buffon is 41 and still playing for Juventas. Even though he is not the first choice GK.

    • congratulations you know something but how is this relevant to de gea who is 30 and Henderson who is 24?

  • Loan henderson to a team like west ham

  • Bring back the chart show

  • Also not every keeper peaks at 30 stop talking rubbish. I used to like this channel but Mark thinks everything he says is the gospel truth.

  • Ddg was good last game but the game before he kicked the ball to they opposition twice in the first 10. We need to remember how poor ddg was when he first come in.

    • Henderson kicks the ball to opposition as well and it is not the goalkeepers fault that is happening. The midfield at Utd is terrible and they keep giving the ball back to the defence who then come under extreme pressure.

    • @Mohammad Ali yes I am serious what I mean is Henderson will make mistakes at first live every other player

    • How poor ddg was when he first came in.. what 10 years ago? When he was 20? you can’t be serious

  • If de Gea leaves mu so will mu nose dive in epl table table next season

  • It´s madness to let De Gea go, and i would like to know who made the decision to put him up for sell. Henderson is not even close to De Gea´s level.

  • It's started! manchester-united-lose-200m-training-kit-deal-over-fans-anti-glazers-campaign

  • Manscape is basically a £10 electric razor with a light for £40. Better off getting a decent electric razor for face as manscape shreds your skin.

  • Did you hear about ole could drop de gea from Europa league final

    • Ole is clueless and needs to be moved on but the super league scandal has now bought him one or two seasons more. Utd are officially the new liverpool of football with it getting close to a decade with a title win and it will probably be another 5 or 6 season at minimum before there is a chance again if a new coach is brought in.


  • I think its to do with being a new dad and wanting to go back to spain

  • If we sell de gea or let him go on loan, we will be making one of the biggest mistakes in our history. Henderson has done nothing to show that he can be a world class keeper, playing at the highest level. De gea has been doing so for years and in a non-covid year would be worth £70-80m. Personally, I would sell Henderson for £40m, maybe with a buyback or first refusal.

  • Zaha would be well suited to Dortmund