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We provide Manchester United fans a platform to express real fan opinionated content from the people who matter most - Manchester United fans. No scripted ex professional footballers, no out of touch journalists, the United Stand totally focused on Manchester United fans views. Whether it's Man Utd players in the first time or the Manchester United academy.

So get involved and have your say on the biggest club in world football. Manchester United.


40:51Solskjaer Out of Ideas! Bruno Ban Incoming? Man Utd News Now
3:20:17Crystal Palace vs MANCHESTER UNITED With Mark GOLDBRIDGE LIVE
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46:51GOLDBRIDGE! Chelsea 0-0 Manchester United Match Reaction
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40:05Martial Swap? Solskjaer Transfer Update! Man Utd News
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  • The only reason we appear to be progressing through Ole is because we're 2nd in the EPL only due to the fact Liverpool and Chelsea whom we thought would be smashing it this season are dismal and Spurs and Leicester below par.....FFS west Ham, Everton and Villa are in contention for a CL spot because the rest of us are making them look good....progression my arse

  • Can’t wait for the open top bus parade through Manchester for winning the Tik Tok league

  • You keep saying we’re making progress. Please explain that. Have we win any trophies under this man or are we even likely to?


  • Ole is A JOKE of a manager, pathetic football club!!!

  • Congratulations Mark, Well Deserved! I hated watching you in the beginning, but now you are the go to man for Man united . Keep it up👌

  • Goldbridge at home series is so funny, change my mind

  • Goldbridge is a stat merchant smh this guy has no consideration for quality football thats why his opinions are hidden by stats and numbers. Ole aint winning anything we might not even finish top four yet this guy will go against what is happening to hide behind stats.

  • Contract for ole we are fckd

  • We never heard from David Gill either?! What are you crying about? 😂😂😂😂

  • Your right saying a number 9 isn’t the priority but you bring in a Harry Kane or Erling Haaland that instantly improves us I don’t care what anyone says. Martial isn’t in the same conversation as those kind of strikers end of story.

  • congratulations

  • “I’m not going to clarify it” Clarifies it.

  • U lost a 1000 subs

  • We can sign as many players as we want but as long as ole is coach we going to finish top 6

  • Congratulations to Mark, the staff and the fans! I have been watching since 2015 and have loved it! Shame the football hasn’t been as good as the Channel!

  • Don’t give up on your dreams everyone. If Ole can keep his job anything is possible!

  • One signing or 10 signings wont make any difference to this team when you have a clueless manager and sunday league coaching.

  • gng buisnessss

  • BTW LIVERPOOL have the most followers on TikTok

  • Good news for rest of league keep him as long as possible 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • We're regressing it's sad to say its beyond a joke nw if we keep ole it's farcical, this club has no ambition anymore we're becoming arsenal

  • place has become a joke, ole seems to be on drugs


  • Chelsea went for it yesterday and played well were as ole and with his usual cowardly tactics went ultra defensive against a Liverpool team that has been crap this season. There is no progress. We wont finish second, we wont get 81 points and won't win any cups with Ole in charge. He's steadied the ship but he and the useless coaching setup need to be moved on at the end of the season. You have to be ruthless as a club to be successful.

  • I'm disgusted by how terrible our club has become... players, manager, this arse owners and all.. Depression FC

  • Well done for 1million... such an amazing achievement for the fans and the chanel👏👏👏

  • Man U should go after coach Lennon from Celtic SPL he is know nonsense manager and great tactics that squad would be better off

  • Ole is a good manager but is he a great manager? Am just asking btw.

    • Good manager? No mate he's average.

  • Followed you MARK since 2016 good on you

  • Imagine Sir Alex saying, sorry Ole your not coming on... I can't take Yorke or Cole or Teddy off! He wouldn't have had a career!

  • Buy United shares then force the change

  • If Ole is is going to go? He needs to go in April! This year is the Euros' which means any new manager coming in at the end of May wouldn't get to meet/know his players until after the Euros' (end of July), leaving him less than a month to work out which players he want to keep or let go and, Deadwood Woodward would only have a month to bring in the players his new manager wants?

  • Congratulations Mark, Flex and everyone else involved

  • 🚫OLE OUT🚫 how is it the biggest team in England has the worst manager in England?? 🚫OLE OUT🚫

  • If we give ole a new contract I wont watch man United anymore.

  • Guys- did you know that van dijk has played more premier league minutes than van de beek this season? he played 5 games at the start of the season before his injury

  • Petition for goldbridge to become director of football at united. Please sign here.

  • Yep. We have no chance. Team still needs major investments to win.

  • Congratulations on 1million subscribers you deserve it some people just don't respect how hard you work doing these videos, and getting them out to us

  • He is not coming!!!!

  • You keep saying we’ve made progress and basing it off one good run of form yet for the majority of the time/season it is dire football

  • Mark told me he is my best friend for life😊

  • United borrow £60 million

  • Congrats mark on 1million subs! First saw you in 2017 when I was literally at a weird point in my life great to see the progress keep it up!

  • reports of man utd borrowing 60m ...can we afford anyone?

  • Wan Bissaka, A lack of a Right winger , Rashford, No stiker when Cavani is out, No Pogba . These are the 5 reasons we struggle to score goals. Put Cavani and Pogba in the team and we have covered 2/5 deficiencies, thats why we have looked ok at times this season.

  • Thought it said ‘Board sack ole’ in the thumbnail. I was so happy

  • We need to get the glazers out there not going to take us to the next level we really need to get them out get them trending on Twitter again idk

  • If he gets a new contract I think it will be the end of Manchester United as a force in English football we can look forward to United playing for middle position in premier league

  • Congratulations mark love this show watch it everyday

  • I think if pogba returns the points will start racking up guys/girls don’t panic!

  • Mark what do you mean if we lose to city we will lose to city

  • Woodward was checking the women's team scores thinking its the same thing 🤦

  • we are not winning anything under ole, so he has to go asap.

  • As long as ole here I don't want any transfers. There no point. You can give him prime barcelon and nothing would change

  • Congratulations, been here since 200k

  • If this continues any longer, hala Madrid

  • Congratulations!! You guys thoroughly deserved this milestone. This was the biggest slap to all the haters. Cry haters, cry more.

  • atleast mourinho and van gaal won trophies this ole thing has not and will not win a trophy and we will definitely not finish top 4 this season

  • We can't change the ownership. But we can change ole and his crap counter attacking tactics

  • Ole knows VDB is a good player after his performance in some games...Ole protects him for his favourites...

  • I was here before this blew up

  • Tuchel only been at Chelsea for a few weeks and already Chelsea looking alot better Ole not improving enough said

  • Run by Bankers with a capital W.

  • What's the fucking point. We're not gonna challenge with this board or manager. It's just looks hopeless going forward

  • In what way are we making progress Mark? Okay, we are second in a very mediocre league. Since Ferguson retired we’ve apparently spent close to £1billion. To be quiet honest, I can’t see any progress. Can you please explain when the progress has because I can’t see it.

  • You have to do a United stand best bits montage

  • Ed Woodward in he’s the best director of football ever he’s doing a good job

  • The board won’t change any time soon, I agree we’ve seen some of the best football since fergie but it’s not consistent, and Ole doesn’t provide enough evidence to me that he’s learning on the job. Champions league knockout, defensive football, only style is counter attack and no rotation of team or use of subs. It’s happened for so long, only reason he’s here is cause of Bruno, remember how we were before Bruno came? He’s changed everything and when another team gets Bruno marked we look hopeless

  • A club ran by bankers (merchant) will never understand football and more importantly don't feckin care. By the way what progress lol !

  • Another excuse for the awful performance by rashford... keep the same level of energy that we have for marital. I hope that pogba and martial leave in the summer. Fed up of this deluded fanbase.

    • Agreed. And people need to realize that Rashford is a counter attacking player and only that.

  • Congratulations to the United Stand crew on reaching the Million.

  • If we lose to City and Chelsea beat Everton... we're fighting to hold on to second place. Let that sink in for a second.

    • Beat Everton? Your having a laugh there on great form

  • That's right lets back him I love my snooze football my health has improved so much I'm sleeping a whole lot more thank you Ole

  • CONGRATULATIONS MARK !!! LOVE YOU TO BITS ❤👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Congratulations to all the United Stand Family 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️👍🏻

  • I think Tomori could be a really good signing for us. He’s young, fast, strong, available for a good price, PL experience, and we can raise him up to be the next best CB

  • Mark I think we should buy two new CB not looking for someone who’s gonna play with Maguire-because he’s not good enough tbh we should cash in

  • A top club employs a top manager. Even Brendan Rodgers is a better manager than OLE